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YMMV: Jungle Book
  • Ending Fatigue: The original book ends with Mowgli killing Shere Khan in their Final Battle, which leads to a Bittersweet Ending as he is alienated from his village and the wolf pack as a result However this film continues after Shere Khan's death, and shifts the focus to three of the villagers following Mowgli to a lost city in order to steal treasure from it(which is based on a story from the second Jungle Book), which results in them killing each other until one is left, and the survivor who is revealed to be the narrator goes insane and sets the jungle (and accidentally the village) on fire, and the story ends after everyone escapes the fire and Mowgli decides to stay in the jungle.
    • This is even lampshaded by Mowgli himself, who believed killing Shere Khan, which had been his main goal of the movie, would resolve everything and finally bring peace to both the jungle and the village, and even when he is facing execution as the village believes he is a sorceror, he is at peace with it as he had killed Shere Khan, his primary goal, before his mother frees him.

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