YMMV / Jungle 2 Jungle

  • Critical Research Failure: Mimi reveals to Michael that he can speak English by correcting Michael's mistranslation of "hoko" as a generic term for birds, rather than the specific bird "toucan". However, the bird shown in the footage was a scarlet macaw, not a toucan.
  • Designated Villain: Charlotte; see Strawman Has a Point below.
  • Genius Bonus: The book that Patricia helps Mimi read at the end is The Call of the Wild by Jack London.
  • Memetic Mutation: JoBeth Williams' scream, thanks to the Nostalgia Critic.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Some of the things Mimi does are unintentionally disturbing. The various animal-death scenes come to mind.
    • And the whole staring at a naked woman and asking why his father 'only has one woman' when there's so many in his village. What the hell kind of place does he live in?
      • A place that practices polygyny?
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Most of the plot is centered around Mimi-Siku changing Michael's life, or Richard's dealings with the commodity stocks and the Russian Mafia. However, the plot completely stops for a few minutes so that Mimi and Karen can have a cute romantic scene at the pond.
  • Strawman Has a Point:
    • We're supposed to hate Charlotte for being an uppity fashion designer who dislikes Mimi-Siku so much. However, from her point of view, she's just been introduced to a teenager with virtually zero social skills, who peeps on her in her bed while she's sleeping, and who lets his pet tarantula wander around freely. She does make an effort—even if a bit misguided—to befriend Mimi when she first meets him, but that niceness evaporates when he acts out of line. It also doesn't help that she seems genuinely sweet to Michael whenever the two are alone together.
    • A lesser example happens when a frantic Richard is trying to get Karen to come out of her bedroom. Granted, he's really stressed over Mimi eating his beloved pets and hitting on his daughter, as well as the fact that the Russian Mafia is pissed off at him and on their way, but when Michael tries to talk him down by mentioning one of his own fatherly revelations, Richard has none of it, and brings up a valid point:
      Michael: Richard, screaming is no way to deal with a child, all right?
      Richard: Oh, what? Are you suddenly Dr. Spock here? You've been a father for three days. And you're giving me lessons? That's good.
      Michael: You sound like an idiot.
      Richard: I'm a parent! Therefore, I'm an idiot! I have spent every day for the last twelve years worrying about my kids. About their safety, about their happiness, about their crooked teeth! [beat] No offense, Andrew.
      Andrew: None taken.
      Richard: But of course, none of this means anything to you, because in the next few days, your son will be gone!
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The various scenes of animal cruelty and Mimi's zero tact with women, most notably him peeking at Charlotte while she's in bed may have some in the audience asking this question.

Both the original movie and remake are on Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List.