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YMMV: Joyeux NoŽl
  • Actor Allusion: The French lieutenant compliments his German counterpart on his excellent French compared to his poor German. The German lieutenant responds "but your wife is not German." Guillaume Canet, the actor who played the French lieutenant, was married to the German actress (and a co-star in the film) Diane Kruger at this time.
  • Awesome Music: Phillipe Rombi's score, especially "I'm Dreaming of Home." Considering two of the main characters are opera singers this is kind of a given.
  • Fridge Horror: Lieutenant Horstmayer is Jewish. It is likely that his wife is too, along with being French. If he survives into the Nazi era... Let's just say that this may not be the last time he's thrown in a cattle car and sent to Eastern Europe.
    • The cat getting arrested for carrying a message between two sides. This incident was based on a true story, where the cat was shot for the deed.
  • Tearjerker: It's a war movie, people, about the Western Front. QED, it is sad.
    • The epitome might be in the ending, where as they are sent to certain death in Russia (for fraternizing with the enemy), the German soldiers are still singing the song the Scots taught them.
    • The instant the alarm goes off at the end of the movie and you realise who got shot.
    • "Christmas means nothing to me. I'm Jewish." That'll end well.
    • "You're a grandfather."
    • The beginning of the truce itself (with the German, French, and British forces going back and forth singing Silent Night) is another huge tearjerker, but in a good way.
  • Values Dissonance: Lots of the expected political incorrectness all around. Most of it comes off as harmless banter, except of course for the Kronprinz's antisemitism...

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