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Heartwarming: Joyeux NoŽl
  • The budding friendship between Leutnant Horstmayer and Lieutenant Audebert. Bear in mind that, despite the friendly ties between the two nations nowadays, at the time Franco-German enmity was seen as inevitable - almost genetic - which makes their amity that much more touching. In particular, this little exchange.
    Horstmayer: Once we invade Paris, the war will be over, and you can invite me for a drink at your house.
    Audebert: You know, you don't need to invade Paris to have a drink with me.
    • Of course, at the end of the film, Horstmayer reveals that his wife is French, so he was defying the "Erbfeindschaft" from the beginning.
  • Though almost all the characters are fictional, the events depicted in the film really happened. And not just in one place. And not only on the Western front, either.
  • Spink's expression when he hears the bagpipes. His look of childlike wonder is enough to melt anyone's heart.
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