!!From the main comic:
* NightmareFuel: Strip [[http://www.johnnywander.com/comics/59 59]]. Not something you'd want to experience yourself.
** Also: The squirrel colony.
** Yuko's attempt to [[http://www.johnnywander.com/comics/401 peel fruit with her left hand]].
** Ananth [[http://www.johnnywander.com/comic/dream-surgeon as depicted in Kris Mukai's dream of him]] as a MadDoctor.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: John, whose deadpan seriousness in weird sayings is even tagged in the comics as "Johnisms". He also has [[http://www.formspring.me/JohnAdvice his own popular "advice" column]].
** Also, Yuko's dad. Never shown on-panel, only known for his hilarious speeches made in severe black text.
* {{Squick}}: The potato [[spoiler:(which was actually a moldy kiwi.)]]

!!From the short stories:
* AngstWhatAngst: Cecilia is at most a bit surprised when [[spoiler:Death]] gives her a skeleton-hand. She says it's quite a conversation piece. Her reaction is similar to the events of the ghost mice story.
* ArcFatigue: Lucky Penny is a long-form graphic novel that only updates at the same two-pages-per-week schedule as the auto-bio comics and is over 100 pages long. And it's hard to tell where this is actually going.
** Even worse when Yuko injures her hands and is forced to do a single update per week.
* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic: Penny, the protagonist of the Lucky Penny story, comes off as this to some readers. While she's evidently intended as a PluckyGirl type, the fact that most of her problems are the result of her own actions and impulsive behavior, not to mention how she comes off as manipulative and leeching off her friends (especially Walter) she ends up here.
** UnintentionallySympathetic: By the same token, David, who's eventually revealed to be [[spoiler:the antagonist]] has some [[JerkassHasAPoint pretty valid reasons]] to dislike her, since she basically begs her way into a job at his parents' laundromat, does stuff like [[http://www.johnnywander.com/comics/490 strip down to her underwear]] to wash her own clothes when she should be working, and when he was a kid ''[[http://www.johnnywander.com/comics/597 hit him with a car]].'' And while some of what he does, such as [[spoiler:having his minions try to break into her storage container to steal her stuff]] may seem like overkill, Penny is, technically, living there illegally.