YMMV / Jisei

  • Nightmare Fuel: As if Yousei's murder wasn't gruesome enough, we're treated to a turbo-charged dose of fear when Kangai is splashed by the victim's blood, sending him into his first "blood contact" kansei episode. Rather than just reliving the victim's last moments, his mind is transported into the corpse, leaving him in momentary control of half a body crushed by a gigantic bell.
    • It's even worse if you think about it from the point of view of Aki and Aaron, who saw the whole thing. Imagine lingering beside a dead man, trying to pull yourself together enough to deal with the situation, when suddenly the twisted, mangled corpse moves and looks directly at you and tries to speak in spite of horrific injuries. And then imagine being Aki, realizing what's happened and knowing that it's your friend stuck in that twisted husk... (shudder)
  • Unfortunate Character Design: The protagonist finds a wad of bloody tape thrown away in the men's bathroom. The tape is thick and white and has a huge red bloodstain right in the middle and looks sort of like... Well, you know...