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Chance will NOT end up being the Big Bad.
In Jisei's epilogue, we saw her talking about the USB. In Kansei's epilogue, we saw her arguing with Liam evilly. However, the only thing we learned was that A) She's a bad guy, not the bad guy, and B) There's someone else, the person she was talking to on the phone. If anything, he's more likely her boss than her colleague, which would mean that she's not as high on the totem pole as it seems.
  • Kansei's epilogue makes it pretty clear. Liam calls the mysterious boss 'father', which means the Big Bad is likely Mr. Auten's former business partner. From the way they were talking, Chance might even be Liam's sister or half-sister.
  • From Yousei's epilogue it seems there may be more than one Bad. Which one's the Bigger remains to be seen.
Kangai used to cut himself.
In Kansei, a certain dialogue with Gurski and Kangai talks about how Mr. Auten might have killed himself, which leads to Gurski saying something like "Back then... didn't you...?" And Kangai's all like "Yeah, but I don't want to talk about it." It doesn't take a genius to connect it.
  • Cutting is a bit of a stretch. What's obvious is that he attempted suicide, at least once. There's a lot of ways to do that, no cutting involved. Not all suicidal people are cutters, and not all cutters are suicidal.
  • Confirmed in a conversation between Kangai and Aaron in Yousei. Cutting doesn't quite fit in that, but a suicide attempt does.
Naoki does not have kansei. At all.
His Photographic Memory and time spent studying body language is impressive, but not supernatural, and it doesn't fit into the description of empathy-based psychic powers given in Kansei. And at one point he tells Li Mei and the protagonist that he's "not like them" before getting cut off. So it's very possible that he doesn't have any powers at all.
  • According to Yousei, Naoki's kansei does not deal with just Photographic Memory. Apparently, it really is empathy-based since it isn't just information he can remember. For example, if Naoki reads a book, he can remember not only the contents of the entire book but also the texture of the book and the feel of turning each page. He can (rather, is forced by his kansei) remember every moment that has occurred in his life from the moment he discovered his powers. So maybe this WMG is sorta kinda subverted.