YMMV / Jennifer Government

  • Complete Monster: John Nike is a stand-out Corrupt Corporate Executive even by the standards of the corporatist Dystopia in the novel. As the Vice-President of Marketing for Nike, he arranges to increase their latest product's revenue by increasing its notoriety by killing ten of the first persons who buy it, including children. When agent Jennifer Government catches on to his scheme through the inevitable chain of subcontractors that expose his plot, he orders Jennifer's 8-year old daughter Kateórevealed to be his own child from a previous relation he had with Jennifer—kidnapped and threatens to kill her if Jennifer tries to arrest him. He ultimately tries to hire a paramilitarized NRA to kill the President so he can give his own unscrupulous Mega Corp. complete power to control and process humanity as he sees fit. John Nike's greed has no limits and he is willing to see his entire society reduced to an unending nightmare out of selfishness and cruelty.
  • More Popular Spinoff: Browser-based politics simulator NationStates started as a promotional item for the book.