YMMV / Jade Cocoon

  • Game-Breaker: Several flavors in the second game based on elements. Due note they can be combined.
    • The "Infinite Battle" water combo. One minion set with Selahmnis, one with Tishalite, and one with Anandia. Arguably the most broken group. The end result is that the entire party is healed, cured of all status effects, have their MP recovered, and a dead one is resurrected OR the one with the least HP is fully healed. Unless an enemy can straight up one shot the minion Anandia they can keep your team going literally forever. Given that they are Water Minions they can also be made resistant to status effects, including Death, which makes stopping the combination borderline impossible.
    • One of the nastier Earth combos consists of a Barrian minion, a Mitrea minion, and Libaridia minion. This results in your team's stats getting cranked up, getting a powerful wall that needs to take a lot of damage to destroy and each minion on the team getting a one time shield that blocks any attack once.
    • The crippling Wind combo consists of Dark Crash, Poison Storm, and Total Loss. Renders the enemy Confused, Blind, and Poisoned on top of dealing solid damage. Very effective against most bosses.
    • The fire's is simple and uses one of two moves depending on the target. Against other Masters it consists of three minions with Skewer which if it hits the middle minion can bypass the target and hit the master's shield. In some battles this can end the fight in one or two attacks with some luck. The Boss killer set uses Killer Chance which causes massive amounts of damage, enough to one shot most targets, on any critical.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: Comfortably beating the main story for Jade Cocoon takes around eight hours. For an RPG, especially in the monster raising genre, this is incredibly short and is the main criticism leveled at the game. Jade Cocoon 2 fixes this by having larger forests with more numerous floors and a longer story in general that clocks in at around 20-30 hours.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In Jade Cocoon 2 some of the guttural roars the Kalma direct at you before they attack can be this. '...KILL!'
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: A good number of fans of Jade Cocoon were not pleased to hear that the game mechanics for the sequel had been completely reworked into a beast-amulet with monster rotation (they even point this out by calling you a beasthunter instead of a cocoon master) and the Merging mechanic, one of the main draws of the first game, was done away with altogether in favor of more fixed monster forms.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: Jade Cocoon 1 came out the same time as Pokémon Red and Blue did, so it was immediately accused of copying it, just like all the other ones that also flooded the market. This caused the game to flop commercially despite the trope being very strongly averted.