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YMMV: Ironclaw
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Few tabletop RPG fans who have actually read its sourcebooks would dispute that Ironclaw is a very well-made game in terms of both mechanics and setting. But its reputation as "the furry RPG" has unfortunately limited its success.
  • Fan Disservice: Lady Amalsand Jakoba seems to prefer rather revealing dresses, but she looks emaciated and at least ten years past her prime.
  • Fanservice: A number of the illustrations, particularly of the Phelan, portray scantily clad females. Along with a few similarly attired males as well.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Item weights are listed in stones. Not too bad, except that items lighter than a stone (14 lbs.) are listed as fractions of stones, rather than in pounds as you'd expect. This can result in a lot of time spent adding up fractions (or decimals, if you convert them to decimals) in order to work out exactly how much a character is carrying, which can be problematic for a player who isn't good at maths.

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