YMMV: Into the Looking Glass

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment - When Weaver and Miller assault the first gestator in the first novel, it tries to send something that looks like a walking pile of dung, with tentacles on it. Miller shoots it, and it obliterates the gestator. Miller was knocked back into the boson due to recoil before it exploded, whereas Weaver is still teleporting when the bullets hit the piece of dung. "Tuffy" explains the nature of his race to Weaver as he's chased by a truck in a Pinto, and then some demonic state troopers. Weaver takes it all in stride, describing it as successfully making a SAN roll.
    • The anime reality twist (see Genre Savvy, on the main page) was kind of neat, but the longest lasting effect was a bad taste in Weaver's mouth from anime!Weaver's pipe. Maybe next time, they tweak the drive and have a world without shrimp.
  • Values Dissonance: In Claws that Catch, there's a whole huge subplot about the linguist/Omnidisciplinary Scientist Miriam Moon being on the Vorpal Blade II, doing things, because she's a woman. The recurring refrain is "no women on subs!" because the Vorpal Blade I was built from a sub. And yet no one— not even Miriam— argues with the statement that women shouldn't be on subs. The ONLY argument anyone makes is that the Vorpal Blade and Miriam are exceptional, and so should be above the "women on subs" thing. There is no "women on subs are fine" argument. And nowadays? Women on subs.