YMMV / Holyland

  • Complete Monster: Yagi kidnaps the hero's love interest Mai, force-feeds her the drug True to get her into a state of severe addiction, and ties her up in a place where three of his henchmen might possibly rape her. He has the whole thing video-recorded and broadcast over the Internet via his cellular phone as a way to keep Yuu from fighting back while Yagi's thugs beat him to a pulp. Even his boss King doesn't sink this low.
  • Ho Yay: Yuu and Izawa have a very ... intense relationship. Also between Yuu and Shin, especially in the live-action drama. Lampshaded by Shin: "Hey, I'm not that kind of guy!"
  • Narm: My God!
    Masaki: That's why we're going to use- gorilla warfare!
    Assorted Thugs: Gorilla warfare?!