YMMV / Harry and Paul

  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • In one sketch with the Surgeons, Charles's memory fails and he makes a stupid mistake. This worries Sheridan, who proceeds to quiz Charles to try and check his memory. When Charles answers every question correctly, the relief is visible on Sheridan's face. It further shows just close the two of them are.
    • The photographer's concern for Clive in the sketch where the family get their photo taken is rather heartwarming. He is the only person in all of the sketches with Clive who actually recognises that Clive is a human and treats him as one.
    • When a woman calls the Posh Scaffolders out for their sexist heckling, Darren starts crying. Kev comforting him is a very sweet moment.
  • Ho Yay: Has its own page.
  • Tearjerker
    • Most sketches with Clive the Geordie are depressing, but the series 3 sketch where the family get their daughter a younger Northerner for her birthday is rather tearjerking. Poor Clive gets ignored and shut out in the garden, and eventually gets framed by the young man for eating the contents of the fridge. He gets thrown out and howls sadly as he walks away.
    • Although it is also funny, it is hard not to feel sorry for Darren in the sketch where the Posh Scaffolders get told off by the woman they are heckling. He breaks down and starts sobbing about how he was only trying to be friendly.
    • A recurring character from one episode of series 1 is a middle aged man who keeps telling the camera all about his 24 year old girlfriend, Boo. It is clear he really loves her and would do anything for her. Unfortunately for him, it is also clear that Boo is only with him because of his money. In his last sketch, he reveals that his divorce from his wife is going to leave him penniless, and Boo quickly runs off. When he realises she has gone, he looks so sad.
  • The Woobie
    • Ken, one of the entrepreneurs from the Dragon's Den sketches, is a bit of a woobie. He is a nervous wreck and often gets talked over by Bryan, who is more confident than him.
    • Danny the Cultured Fisherman always looks so sad when Kenny doesn't understand what he is talking about or mocks him for liking things he considers crap. In one sketch, their friend Bob is fishing with them, and Bob joins in with Kenny in not understanding what Danny is talking about. But when Kenny leaves to make a phone call, it becomes clear that Bob likes the cultured thing Danny is talking about. When Danny realises that they have something in common, his delighted smile is heartbreaking. But when Kenny comes back, Bob goes back to acting ignorant, leaving Danny hurt and dejected-looking.
    • Clive the Geordie is probably the biggest woobie out of the whole programme. His sketches are often more sad than funny. Clive just looks so sad all of the time, and is treated like crap by his whole family all of the time.
    • It's hard not to feel sorry for the Chocolatier in the sketch where his arch-rival takes all of the women and calls him an 'old man'.