* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Are we really supposed to feel sorry for Dakota (who was cheating on her husband and whose irresponsibility got her son killed) just because she's a battered wife?
** Her cheating on her husband can certainly be excused by her being a battered wife.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Jungle Julia's terse text messages to Chris Simonson, whoever he is, borders on this. It doesn't come ''completely'' out of nowhere, but it is a very strange, mood-breaking scene.
-->"[[GrammarNazi Your a asshole!]]"
** If you listen closely, the girls actually talk about Simonson before they leave Julia's house. Apparently, he's a director who Julia's interested in (and who supposedly has a "big thing" for her), but she's annoyed with how he doesn't seem to pay much attention to her. He's supposed to show up at the bar to meet with the girls, but never does.
--> '''Jungle Julia''': If he had a big thing for me, he'd fuckin' call me, as opposed to disappearing for six months, and he'd get his ass down here more often than he does, and on my birthday he'd give me a fucking phone call! ...but other than that, he's putty in my hands.
* BrokenBase: Opinions are divided on ''Death Proof''. Some think that the car chase at the end more than makes up for all of its flaws. Others just can't stand sitting through the rest of the film up to that point.
* CompleteMonster: [[Film/DeathProof Stuntman Mike]]. Basically, a cheerful and charismatic man who, behind the wheel, becomes a lady murdering psychopath with a car. Things get worse when it's revealed this is a simple form of bullying he's committing out of wanting attention. Hence why he tries to run off like a coward near the end. At this point, his streak has made a bloody mark on the road.
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* CrossesTheLineTwice: At ''least''.
* DesignatedHero: Both films feature examples of characters behaving in morally dubious ways. ''Planet Terror'' has Dakota [[spoiler: getting over the grief caused by the absolutely stupid death of her son to get DistractedByTheSexy Cherry ''awfully'' quickly]], while ''Death Proof'' has the "let's leave our friend behind to possibly get raped by Jasper solely so we can take a joyride in a classic car".
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: In ''Planet Terror'', where the [[strike:biologist's]] [[YourHeadAsplode your head may asplode!]]
* EarWorm: The "Coming Attractions/Feature Presentation" theme.
* HilariousInHindsight: According to ''Planet Terror'', Bruce Willis' character killed bin Laden by shooting him in the head. This movie was released in 2007, four years before Bin Laden would be killed in real life in exactly that way.
* OneSceneWonder: A few, such as [[{{Moe}} Marcy]], and later [[MemeticMolester Jasper]] in ''Death Proof''.
** And [[spoiler: Creator/NicolasCage]] as--[[OverusedRunningGag oh, forget it]].
* SlowPacedBeginning: ''Death Proof'' has a rough first half, though it improves after that.
* SoBadItsGood: [[ExploitationFilm Played]] [[GenreThrowback intentionally.]]
* {{Squick}}: The scene where Bill is checking out the guy who got bitten has another doctor looking at incredibly disgusting pictures of medical problems from soldiers returning from Iraq. This is before the ''really'' gross stuff starts.
* TemptingFate: Some more egregious examples cross over into TooDumbToLive territory.
** ''Planet Terror'': Dakota Block leaves her son in a car ''with a gun.'' Honestly, [[ForegoneConclusion the outcome is too obvious]] to be particularly surprising or heartbreaking.
** ''Death Proof'': "Jungle Julia" doesn't wear her seatbelt (in fact, none of the girls riding with her do) and only seems to be able to ride in a car if her foot's hanging out the window. When Stuntman Mike takes them out, we're treated to a shot of her severed leg hitting the asphalt.
* ToughActToFollow: Perhaps the biggest obstacle to enjoying ''Death Proof'' is because ''Planet Terror'' was just filled with so much balls-to-the-walls insanity, that nothing could possibly measure up to it.
* WhatMeasureIsANonBadass: Consider the two groups of women Stuntman Mike meets: the first group do nothing particularly wrong and they get killed. The second group act like idiotic irresponsible jackasses and we love them because they are supremely badass.
** Even within that second group of girls, Lee is the only one who isn't a badass. They're more than willing to leave her behind.
* TheWoobie: Awful things ''constantly'' happen to Dakota Block in ''Planet Terror''.
** JerkassWoobie: And yet, she is the reason her son died and didn't seem too concerned about her son's death.