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YMMV: Grim Grimoire
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Does Advocat save Lillet (by asking Grimlet to kill her last, knowing she'll go back in time) because he simply wants to retain the chance to get Gammel's soul, or does he actually feel some duty as a teacher? Does he actually expect to get Gammel's soul at all, or does he just enjoy working with him? Or is it a trick to get the chance to get the student's souls? (We never see him successfully get Gammel's soul on any iteration, but he does manage to get students into contracts with him twice.)
  • Les Yay: Lillet towards Amoretta, with Fetish Fuel moments such as Lillet saying that thing Amoretta lack is love and she will give as much as she wants, and a scene showing they slept together.
  • Moment Of Awesome: Lillet conning TWO Big Bads by making one kill the other and the other one suffer in hell for all ETERNITY!
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: The main aspect of the game's level design people are critical of. For all the detail to the artwork, all the levels follow the exact same theme and have the same background.

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