YMMV / Graduados

  • Actor Shipping: There were rumors that Isabel Macedo may have distanced from her husband Federico Insúa, to begin a romance with Luciano Cáceres. Macedo refuted such rumors.
  • Critical Research Failure: The first episode of the Colombian remake has the graduation night moved to 1993. Pablo was dancing 1980s dance music, and the "three amigos" (Andy, Chicho and Vero) interrupted it to play "Mal Bicho", the song by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Problem is, that song is from 1995. Any Argentine watcher can notice such huge mistake on the fly.
  • Fridge Horror: Meta-example. Tuca and Gaby are played by Mex Urtizberea and Violeta Urtizberea, father and daughter. Their characters, in-story, are supposed to have similar ages. They did not play many scenes togueter, plots always had Tuca somewhere and Gaby somewhere else (by personal request). Still, when Gaby go married and all the characters attended, Tuca had to be there. Well, OK, once in all the year should not be much of a problem... but, did he had to talk about Gaby as "his little sister"?
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: There's an episode where Vero used a T-Shirt of the Sex Pistols, with the British flag... and it was aired on April 2, the day the Malvinas war began. Of course, each episode is filmed several months before the actual airing, so they couldn't have calculated that.
    • A similar one took place when Andy saw his womanizer cousin Daniel with his girlfriend Loli. He immediately thought the worst, and gave him a speech about honor and men codes, and how wrong it is to seduce a friend's girlfriend. Again, filmed several months ahead, but it mirrored a scandal involving Marcelo Tinelli (the host of the competitor TV show), her girlfriend, and his associate.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The series had a huge success in Israel. The large number of South American expatriates and the presence of a Jewish family in a leading role helped this.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Initially, the informal reporter Andy Kusnetzoff was meant to be the main actor, but he declined the work during production (all this when the series was still a project), and the actor Daniel Hendler replaced him in the role. That's why Andy Goddzer has that name, and also why he has a jewish family (Andy Kusnetzoff is jew). And some months later... Andy Kusnetzoff joined the series. Of course, he can not request the role of Andy now that the series has been on the air for half a year with another actor, so he included as Andy's cousin, who came from Brazil. It made it hard for fans to discuss the events in the telenovela: now, each time someone says something about Andy, must clarify if it's "Andy the character" or "Andy the man".
    • September 3. Gaby is complaining that Augusto had sex with her and dropped her, the new secretary is appointed to all her usual tasks, nobody respects her, and everybody marches above her as if she does not exist... and before she can end what she was saying, the program is interrupted (in the real world) because the president Cristina Kirchner wanted to use the emergency broadcast system for an hour of self-praise of her government. Gaby, you were saying...?
  • One of the Kids: Sort of. The flashback scenes are not played by other actors, but the same ones, characterized as teenagers. I mean, grown up people, in their forties or so, characterized as teenagers. Thank God that it is a comedy...