Trivia: Graduados

  • Adored by the Network: Commercials all day, commercials time of half an hour during the airing, programms discussing the events of Graduados and/or invite the actors, and so on... and to give an end for it, the last episode was broadcasted live in a theater full of fans.
  • Approval of God: Most Rock artists of Argentina praised the work, and made cameo visits.
  • The Other Marty: Graduados was initially written with Andy Kutznetzoff as the lead actor. And so, the lead character was filled with Actor Allusions: the character is named Andy as well, he is jew like Andy, he works as a dog walker and Andy Kutznetzoff has the radio show "Street dogs"... but there is a problem: Andy resigned. All the character design stayed, but another actor played it, Daniel Hendler. It got more weird when Andy Kutznetzoff changed his mind and joined the production in mid-year, with a character that the others dubbed as "Goddzer 2".