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Trivia / Gradius

  • Bad Export for You - The NES Life Force only allows two options per ship (instead of three like its FC counterpart) and lacks the multiple endings from the FC Salamander; its sole ending is a static shot of the Konami logo while the ending theme plays.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The mainline games are fairly good about this, each game from I through IV having had about 1-3 Arcade Perfect Ports, but the Solar Assault Gradius sub-series never saw a console release (you may be lucky to find one at Chuck-e-Cheese's).
  • No Dub for You - In some games like Salamander and V, the voices are exclusively in English. Even worse in V, the voices are subbed in Japanese version instead of dubbed.
  • No Export for You - A few games remain Japan-only. Gradius II (Famicom)note  and Salamander 2 are two such examples.
    • Subverted for games that never got released in North America, but did in Europe, even though North America often gets priority over Europe with exports. The MSX-exclusive games (Salamander, Gradius 2 / Nemesis II, Gofer no Yabou Episode II / Nemesis III) come to mind.
    • Salamander Portable for PSP was never released outside of Japan. This is especially annoying since it perfectly compliments the Gradius Collection (which was released worldwide), containing all the games that were left out of the earlier collection (including the MSX Gradius 2).
    • The original Gradius II, released in 1988, remained out of the reach of the North American market until 2006 (as part of Gradius Collection)—that is, for eighteen years. Its PC Engine port followed suit in 2009 with a Virtual Console rerelease.
  • Port Overdosed: The first two Gradius arcade games and the original Salamander got ported to plenty of platforms in some form or another. Particularly in Japan, where the series got the Deluxe Packs on the PS and Saturn, as well as Collection series on PSP.
  • Sequel First - Gradius II was released in 1988 in Japan and Europe, but not in North America, where it was officially unreleased until its appearance on Gradius Collection in 2006. Gaiden is a milder example; IV and Galaxies came after it and were released here before Collection (which included Gaiden as well).
  • What Could Have Been
    • The first Gradius game had Scramble 2 as a working title when the game was under development as a direct sequel to the first Scramble. However, the final product ended up as Gradius with different gameplay than Scramble.
    • The canceled racing game Vic Viper.
    • The arcade version of V was in development, but the version was cancelled due to time constraints.
    • V additionally would have had a feature where selecting the same slot on the powerup gauge multiple times will swap that weapon out with another one of the same category (e.g. replacing Missile with Spread Bomb or Laser with Ripple, something similar to those in MSX Gradius games), but this was scrapped in favor of the traditional gauge select and unlockable gauge edit.