YMMV / God Slaying Blade Works

  • Anticlimax Boss: Apollo. He has all the makings of a Knight of Cerebus but due to his Bond Villain Stupidity he doesn't last as long against Godou as Mordred did when he faced Shirou.
  • Broken Base: The author's Critical Research Failure in regards to Nasuverse mechanics have split readers into several groups.
    • There those who believe that the lack of research ruins the story.
    • There are those who are a bit peeved, but decide that the mechanics themselves aren't really important to enjoy the story.
    • And then there are those who are completely ignorant of how the Nasuverse works to begin with and just don't care.
    • With the reveal that there is a statue of Sakura Matou inside Unlimited Blade Works, some call it a sweet romantic gesture, others call it a boring cliche.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In an early chapter, Hades attacks Shirou and says his wife Persephone had earlier been killed by a Campione, fueling his hatred of them. The author admitted to making that detail up for the story, then a later Campione! novel confirmed Persephone had been killed by a Campione.
    • Rhongomyniad started out as a barely mentioned Noble Phantasm that had its properties invented by the author as a way of showing the many different versions of the tale of King Arthur. Come 2015-2016 side material, it has been confirmed as a Noble Phantasm that's A++ to EX Rank! He basically gave a weapon stronger than even Excalibur to Guinevere!
  • The Scrappy: A lot of reviewers dislike Godou Kusanagi and consider him useless, since he hardly does anything on his own and mostly just reacts to whatever is happening.
  • What an Idiot!: The mage who had the wise idea to invade the banquet of kings. Just the fact that the guests alone can curb stomp the invading assassins, yeah.
    • Actually part of a supposed Gambit, since the creatures managed to steal something from the Campiones, something that can supposedly defeat them.
    • At the same time however the banquet ended with positive relations for the Campiones, if there is more upcoming information about this situation it can possibly culminate into a fight between all four Campiones and the mastermind.