Funny: God Slaying Blade Works

  • Chapter 9: Illya in general, when she isn't being awesome.
    Illya: Heeeyyyy onii-chan, come on and have a look at this. I've got minions.
    • Later, she considers promoting one of them. The levels of advancement are (from lowest to highest): minion, lackey, flunky, crony, pawn, and servant.
    Illya: Once they've reached the rank of servant then we can give them official badges."
  • Godou somehow partially dematerializes a Noble Phantasm. They're not supposed to be able to do that.
  • Shirou eavesdropping on Liliana "defending" Godou from being a supposed harem king.
    Shirou: By the Root! Had one of the gods Kusanagi slew been a deity of manhood and fertility?!
    • It's even more amusing when one remembers that it's Shirou who has such an authority.
  • Guinivere trying, and failing, to stop her growing attraction to Shirou.
  • Illya meeting Liliana while out shopping and asking about how things are going. It's just the usual fare, Lily blushes when said to be part of Godou's harem. But then Illya asks her about "the situation between her onii-chan and Godou", and then ever so slightly backs away at Lily's reaction.
  • The entirety of what one of Shirou's authorities, namely Hero's Bride, does. Or rather, who it targets, because over time it manages to become increasingly amusing and absurd. So far the targets are his homunculus younger sister Ilya (with her "I can't really be with him because we're siblings and it's sad" thing) who once tried to kill him, divine ancestor Guinevere (whose precocious-seeming crush is fairly cute) who should by all means be his enemy, and then fallen goddess Tiamat (who immediately started fighting with the former over Shirou) who actually was his enemy. As absurd as Godou's harem gathering is, the guy at least has humans in it, whereas Shirou goes for anything but. But then again, you'd expect nothing less from the guy who already wooed a Servant and the human vessel of the tainted Holy Grail.
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