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YMMV: Ghost Ship
  • Complete Monster: Ferriman, aka the literal "Ferryman" is an infernal accountant working for Hell to collect souls. He was a bastard even before he became a demon, as he was only given the job because he lived a gravely immoral life. He impersonates a human to trick people into committing mortal sins and kill themselves so he can steal their souls. He goads the crew on the Italian cruise liner the Graza to butcher everyone on board to get a crate of gold bars that he brought with him from a ship they salvaged. It turns into a complete massacre, with people being attacked all over the ship and cut open, poisoned, and machine gunned to death, including a child being hanged in her room. The instigators turn on each other after killing the passengers, and he kills the last one himself with a meathook. He traps the souls on the ship in fear and torment until he can send them all to Hell. He lures multiple salvage crews to the derelict cruise liner to fix the ship, tricks them into staying to get the gold, and then kills them all one by one. Not even his job explains his excessive sadism in killing people to steal their souls, as there's no hint that there are others like him or that it's standard procedure. Worse yet, the end of the film implies he's about to do it all over again.
  • Nausea Fuel: Two men eat some seemingly innocuous tins of beans and rice from the kitchen of a derelict, adrift, haunted ocean liner. Then they realize that they're actually wolfing down... maggots.
  • Signature Scene: The dance scene in the opening, which ends with everyone at the dance being bissected by razor wire flying across the deck.

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