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YMMV: Gangster Squad
  • Cliché Storm
  • Complete Monster: Mickey Cohen is an utterly psychotic mobster whose brutality terrifies even other hardened mobsters. Cohen opens by having a friendly emissary from the Chicago mob executed by being torn apart between two trucks, before throwing a group who are late in their protection money in their building, locking them inside and burning them with the building. A building he'd had women brought to in order to be hooked on drugs and turned out as prostitutes. He furiously executes an underling with a power drill due to the man failing him and when his girlfriend opts to leave him, Cohen sends one of his men to throw acid in her face.
  • Genius Bonus: Mickey refers to Grace as Claude Rains when she starts to suddenly be gone for long periods of time, due to being with Wooters.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The scene in the trailer where gangsters fire upon people in a movie theater while emerging from the screen became this after the 2012 Aurora theater shooting. This even prompted a reshoot for the film and pushing its release date back several months.
  • Narm: A few of Cohen's lines, most notably "Here comes Santa Claus!"
  • Never Live It Down: The above incident likely doomed the movie, causing a very poor box office opening.
    • Overshadowed By Controversy: Even with the reshot scenes, the film as whole was deemed to be so violent that it was still hard to forget the parallel with Aurora.

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