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YMMV: Four Brothers
  • Actor Allusion : It could be a coincidence, but after the car chase, one of the "targets" calls out "Who sent you?"
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The four brothers. They were actually the result of all that lived in the streets as thugs (including death's mother)? Or really are Not So Different to the antagonists? This can be justified by the fact that they all lead a life of crime and literally kill for them is as normal as breathing.
  • Fridge Logic: the bar where Fowler shot Lt. Green is full of people. One of them should have been able to see them get in a disagreement and then heard the gun shots afterward. The biggest problem is that Lt. Green walked up to his police car to leave and Fowler shot him right next to it so shouldn't there be a security feed of him killing his own partner?
    • It's mentioned the bar is one of Sweet's places.
    • Why didn't Fowler try to destroy the security tape and police report of him meeting with Evelyn Mercer? He wouldn't have gotten found out otherwise.
  • Jerkass Woobie: All of the Mercer brothers have had tough lives, but it can be inferred that these guys were only kind to their mother.
  • Retroactive Recognition : Sofia Vergara pre-Modern Family.
  • Tear Jerker: Hard boiled Bobby crying alone in the bathroom after seeing his mother's room.
    • Jack's Death. Jack is shot at first only in the chest but as he's trying to get away a Mook shoots him again. It's not clear how many times. Still, he falls to the ground screaming in pain and for his brothers, Bobby in particular and you can hear him over the gunfire. The entire fight becomes a desperate attempt to get to him only for him to die minutes later. Everyone breaks down. To drive the point home, after Jack's funeral Bobby looks up at the pictures on the wall, Jack's picture has a bullet hole through it.
    • Not to mention the boys watching the tape the store owner had of the thugs shooting their mother. It's so bad that Angel turns away before the actual shooting and they all can't help crying during her final moments.
  • Plot-Induced Stupidity / What an Idiot: Yeah Jack, chase after the stranger in the hockey mask. Can't possibly see that ending badly...
    • He and the audience don't see the guy's mask until he turns around. Jack just thought it was some trash-talking punk.
  • The Woobie: Jack is much more of this trope than his brothers. He is not impulsive nor malicious, just seems to follow the steps to his brothers and is likely to have been a good person if it were not for his childhood or his life in the street. In addition, he is more calm and sensitive than his brothers, and it is implied that Jack had experienced a very traumatic childhood before the adoption of Evelyn. Worse, the discussions between his brothers seem to feel him uncomfortable. He even is constantly mocked in some deleted scenes.
    • Not to mention that he is the only character in the main cast dying in a tragic way.

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