YMMV / Flood

  • Not So Crazy Anymore: When Baxter first wrote the series, he just was trying to play Mundane Dogmatic with The Great Flood; his only citations were some shaky hypotheses about super-reservoirs beneath Beijing that he really didn't take too seriously. In 2014, a diamond excavated from ultra-deep mining operations in Juína, Mato Grosso, western Brazil, was found to contain inclusions of ringwoodite — the only known sample of natural terrestrial origin — thus providing evidence of significant amounts of water as hydroxide in the Earth's mantle. If anything, he underestimated the amount of water locked away underground by several orders of magnitude — he proposed the equivalent of another Atlantic in subterranean reservoirs, deflating the planet like a balloon even as it flooded the surface. It is currently estimated that the ringwoodite deposits might contain three times more water than the oceans do!