YMMV / Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

  • Vindicated by History: Originally thought as simple sleaze and misogynistic, now embraced as female empowerment and gender politics.
    Roger Ebert: The feminist and lesbian film critic B. Ruby Rich, writing at length on "Pussycat" in a recent Village Voice, said she dismissed "Pussycat" 20 years ago as just a skin flick. Seeing it again during its revival at New York's Film Forum, she had a different reaction, viewing it now as female fantasy, its images of "empowerment" fascinating to her. Meyer, from the beginning of his career and almost without exception, has filmed only situations in which women wreak their will upon men.
  • The Woobie: Linda. She sees her boyfriend murdered in a very cruel way by Varla, then gets kidnapped by her and her posse, is used as a pawn in a heist, nearly gets raped several times, and the one guy (Kirk) who might be able to help her doesn't even believe her at first.