YMMV: Family Guy S 6 E 8 Mc Stroke

  • Strawman Has a Point: Only at one point does anyone (Brian) point out that Peter's stroke was his own fault for eating 30 hamburgers in one sitting, and he ends up helping Peter sue McBurgertown anyway.
  • What an Idiot: Despite being an Alpha Bitch, Connie's a relatively intelligent teenager who knows (or at least should know) that 1.) Meg has a younger brother named Stewie, 2.) "Zach" strongly resembles Stewie in looks, mannerisms and voice, and 3.) Being in a relationship with someone like "Zach" would most likely land her in jail.
    • Then again, if she did know this, the subplot wouldn't be all that funny. On top of that, Connie doesn't care about Meg or her family and in shows like Family Guy, the Idiot Ball is always in play, no matter what continuity has established.