YMMV / Escape from Terra

  • Democracy Is Bad: The attitude of most Belters; the Massachusets Contingent holds a poll to see if the Vestans want a government and everyone but the MasCons refuses to vote. As such their opinions "don't count" and they get a council that barely anyone really wanted.
  • Designated Hero: Many detractors felt that the "heroes" are basically selfish capitalists who may have caused economic woes for UW Earth (strawman of any opposition to Libertarianism and Anarcho Capitalism) rather than the system itself being the problems. Not to mention that lack of any trade proposals with Earth and consideration of any attempts at diplomacy as UW's evil intent by the belters didn't help much with their characterization.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: One character stated Paris attack as one the events being used as an example of government's use of tragedies for their own cause. Then 2015 Parris Attack happened.