YMMV / Earthsong

  • Epileptic Trees: There were two major questions on the forums: what Willow's deal was, and what the human soulstone power is.
  • Fan Dumb: At one point, during Inverloch's run, there was some anger between its and Earthsong's fans over which comic deserved higher ratings in the Top Webcomics polls. Yates and Sarah Ellerton were good enough friends that Ellerton did guest art for Earthsong, and they quickly put the kybosh on the nascent Fandom Rivalry.
  • I Knew It: The cry of many readers when it was revealed "What's up with Willow?!" She's Earthsong's Eve.
  • Padding: A common criticism of the comic is the Walls of Text used for exposition, particularly with the explanation of soulstones and Willow's journal.