YMMV / Dust Force

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Yotta, one of the most difficult levels in the game, is completely silent until near the end where Elvish Piper Acedemy, one of the most soothing and chill songs in the soundtrack, starts to play. It's as if the game is saying, "Yes, you are going crazy with how difficult this level is, Congratulations for winning, here is some soothing music to ease your pain."
  • Goddamned Bats: Any dust-covered enemy that attacks successfully will break your combo. Since the last area of each map will usually have between 2 and 6 enemies, it greatly encourages planning where and when to use your combo nuke to avoid facing them without one.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The enemies are dust-covered objects, animals, and people that are forced to attack you. Shudder...
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: In an unusual case the developers enforce it through their level progression. The only way to progress is to retry stages for perfect scores, and no reward for simply completing a level or making a single mistake. This forces players who'd prefer to just breeze through and see all the levels to keep trying the same ones long after they would otherwise have stopped.
  • Surprise Difficulty: The soothing music and graphics give a Lighter and Softer tone compared to other platformers and the checkpoint system is forgiving, but getting the highest ranks and beating the challenge levels is Nintendo Hard.
    • Not to mention the level progression forces you to go for perfects on levels that are hard enough to survive, let alone clear without getting hit or breaking combo.
  • That One Achievement: Almost feels like it's parodying the concept — it only has one achievement... but it's for earning SS+ rank on every single stage. Only 0.3% of players on Steam have it.
  • That One Level: Hideout. While it's not THE hardest level, it's set apart from other areas in the game for consisting of almost nothing but one-block platforms, walls, and ceilings. Every other inch of the level is covered by Spikes of Doom. But the real bastard move this level pulls is at the very end, where you land smack dab in the middle of two large enemies that, depending on their positioning, can attack you immediately without giving you a chance to react. And there isn't enough dust in the level to use your special attack, so you need to wail on them the old-fashioned way.