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YMMV: Dungeon Lords
  • Goddamn Bats: The bats, believe it or not. Flying enemies that you have to slowly overhead chop to kill, and they use hit and run tactics. And through some kind of bug you cannot use ranged attacks on them when they are flying away from you.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Okay, so the programming flaws do have their uses, some of which make the game bearable.
    • Opening the inventory makes the enemies stop what they're doing, but doesn't turn off your recovery.
    • In some places, you can climb up the mountains. Use this for sequence breaking and level grinding if you value your sanity!
    • There's a super-duper spell called Cataclysm. If you get it, sell it to the magic shop and buy a bunch of copies of it.
    • It's really easy to become so skilled that you can sell things for more than it costs to buy them. Not that you really need to do this, gold prices being what they are, just that you can.

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