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YMMV: Dinosaur World
  • Good Bad Bugs: An amusing collection:
    • Walk past the wounded Allosaurus that's lying in the riverbed. At one point, its body disappears, and only its teeth remain floating and "breathing" in the air. This phenomenon can also be seen on dead Allosaurus.
    • Go crazy with the God powers that the salt plain grants you, and create a herd of Diplodocus and a large pack of Allosaurus. After a while, some are bound to walk right through each other, into the scenery, or literally "merge" into a single animal: resulting in a multiple-limbed and many-headed Allosaurus.
    • If you climb atop a dinosaur and shake your mouse like crazy, you will clip through the ground and can explore the world from below its surface, though invisible walls still prevent you from walking "under" other areas. Clip back to the upper world by tagging dinos standing above you.
      • Other times, your view will become tilted to the side, and by pressing the arrow keys, you will be able to float upwards until gravity pulls you down. This lets you tag pterosaurs and "ride" them to the bonus area without needing to complete the game.
    • At times, hungry Allosaurus will attack Diplodocus corpses, and cling onto the air where the live animal would be standing.
    • Allosaurus will randomly freeze in place for a period of time.
      • At times, this affects all the dinosaurs.
    • Stand in front of a Diplodocus as it walks towards you. The camera will pass into its belly.
    • While normally you would "bump into" an Allosaurus, if it's running, it lets you walk straight through itself like air.
    • If you spawn Diplodocus or Allosaurus while still being tagged onto the pterosaur (as in, you're still in the air), they will slowly drop down to the surface. Time it right by making sure that it spawns directly on top of another, though, and your spawned dinosaur will remain floating in the air above all the others, and as it walks, it will even stir up dust in the air. Nevertheless, it will still be able to interact with the other dinos.
    • In the forest region, many trees located in the "walkable" path will let you slowly walk through them, whereas the smaller and thinner shrubbery present impenetrable obstacles.

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