YMMV / Deathstalker


  • Complete Monster: Munkar overthrows King Tulak to gain total control of the land he reigns over, inducting Tulak's daughter Codille into his personal harem of sex slaves and casting out Tulak. To eliminate any potential challengers to his regime, Munkar hosts a tournament to draw in the strongest warriors of the land to his domain in the guise of making the last survivor his heir, securing their trust by allowing them to rape and kill at their own whim. Munkar's true intention is to simply have all the warriors slaughter each other before killing the survivor himself so he can rule unopposed as an evil tyrant.
  • Designated Hero: Deathstalker is clearly supposed to be the hero of the movie, but he is just as prone to raping like all the other warriors. Hell, he even tries to rape the girl he’s supposed to rescue in the first place until he finds out that she’s one of Munkar’s male minions in disguise.


  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When going back to confront her father, Evangeline Shreck thinks of her father as an ogre.
  • Ho Yay: Kit and David. Heck, Kit even kisses David on the lips when David dies, calling him "his love".
    • In the last three books, Finn Durandal and Stuart Lennox. Finn sets about "seducing" (his words) the young Paragon, the narrative talks about Finn takes him drinking, laughs with him, "kissed and cuddled" him, and so on. Lennox even tearfully says he's in love with Finn when he goes to Emma Steel about the Paragon's increasingly-insane behavior.
  • Les Yay: As part of massive character assassination against Jesamine Flowers, Anne Barclay reveals the details of her sordid love affairs, many of them with women, only some of them completely made up.
    • Nina Malapert seems to have had at least a little bit of a crush on Emma Steel.
  • Moral Event Horizon: For many citizens and people in the series, it had to take Lionstone ordering mass murder in Virimonde for them to conclude that she had gone batshit insane. Why they didn't realize that she had already passed the Moral Event Horizon long ago might be a mystery.
    • Finn plunges through it with gleeful abandon every chance he gets.
    • Anne Barclay's well-planned, beautifully executed, and utterly thorough character assassination of Lewis Deathstalker and Jesamine Flowers.
  • Narm: Pick a story—it's in there somewhere.
    • Haceldama, or Shannon's World, in War. Think of a peaceful sanctuary turned into a horrific crypt, and you might start to approach it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Wormboy Hell, Legion, the fate of the people of Virimonde.
    • Haceldama again. Picture a planet-wide Disneyworld, where you can pay good money to just go and play and be a kid again amongst all your fictional childhood heroes and friends. Now picture Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Optimus Prime, and Winnie the Pooh popping out vicious steel claws and coming at you like Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, and Michael Myers, and you can see why just about anyone who actually went to the planet and survived went insane.