YMMV / Dear America

  • Anvilicious: Often used with the Noble Savage trope, and is in practically every book, especially those containing delicate issues such as race and equality.

  • Iron Woobie: The situations they are in makes a lot of the protagonists this; in fact, they all may fall into this category at various points. Special mention to:

    • Clotee, who grew up in slavery.

    • Julie, separated from family and friends and forced to endure persecution in pre-Holocaust Vienna. She then suffers what can only be called instances of PTSD in America.

    • Nannie Little Rose, a Native American girl forcibly assimilated in a Boarding School of Horrors.

    • Bess Brennan, who goes blind and has to deal with the challenges and prejudice toward disability in her era.
      • Her friend Eva doubly qualifies, since she not only endures, but exceeds all expectations and becomes a singer and masseuse.