YMMV: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

  • Broken Base: Is it an awesomely dark take on a popular character, or a collection of mean spirited, upsetting murders of beloved characters? This is the kind of series that splits opinions.
  • Fridge Logic: Spider-Man and Thor should have been able to avoid their deaths. The former has a spider sense that should have warned him not to get close enough for Deadpool to shoot him, and the latter should have been able to control the trajectory of Mjolnir to avoid being crushed by it.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dreadpool crosses the line pretty early on and gets worse from there. Taskmaster personally feels that him murdering the Power Pack is the big line crossing moment.
  • Villain Sue: A common complaint. With a few exceptions, the various heroes and villains Deadpool kills only put up token resistance, and it appears the only obstacle to Deadpool is powers like invulnerability or healing factors, and not any offensive powers or actual skill. The characters seem to take their deaths lying down, and they're more than willing to cooperate with Deadpool to get into whatever situation he needs to bypass their powers.
  • The Woobie: Amazingly, Arcade, whom Dreadpool is forcing to build death traps, is traumatized by what Dreadpool has forced him to do.