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YMMV: Dangerous Liaisons
  • Adaptation Displacement: Most people in the USA have either only heard of Cruel Intentions or the 1988 Dangerous Liaisons film. Despite it being a French classic, the book is relatively unknown to the average non-French person.
    • Indeed, 1988 film version of Dangerous Liaisons was (for all intents and purpose) the first major exposure Americans had of the novel, which while popular in Europe, had never been given a major US release.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Merteuil, at least before her jealousy causes her to go too far, is on par with Iago in her ability to play everyone around her like a fiddle while making her petty spitefulness come across as awesome rather than pathetic. Valmont falls short of the mark because, even though he is an accomplished and manipulative charmer in his own right, he is essentially just an agent of Merteuil.

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