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YMMV: Crash Canyon
  • Growing the Beard: The newer episodes are focusing more on developing the characters and adding more depth, which gives them a lot more to work with.
  • Hollywood Homely: And Pristine is hideous how...?
    • It doesn't help that her name is Pristine which completely Meaningful Name.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The "humour" in this show is very mediocre. It attempts to be like Family Guy, even down to the animation, but is so far from it. The characters in this show are unlikeable, unremarkable and unrelatable, and most of them are just stereotypes with no depth. They're flat, lack any development and are full of non-sequiturs that just come across as weird or strange, rather than funny. For instance, there's that old lady with the man's voice and a bear for a pet, and... that's all there is to her. Or those two southerner children who try to look for girlfriends, but to no avail. So they settle for each other, and begin to make out. Hilarity would supposedly ensue.

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