Fridge / Crash Canyon

Fridge Logic

  • If they're all trapped in a canyon, just how do they all have enough resources to survive?! Where or how do they get all the food, electricity and water?
    • They have several orchards, make their own honey, and presumably have several crops. Other vehicles carrying goods periodically fall into the crevasse for their use. Plus that crazy Mexican lady will cook and serve up any unfortunate animal that happens to come her way, from a brace of ducks to the rats who infest the community dump.
  • Who built the locked doors sealing the only exit, and more importantly WHY?!? It makes no sense because the lock is on the inside, meaning someone willfully tried locking themselves in. Also, why would someone with the wood and metal needed choose for the keys to be animal paws? And how did that comboy who drew the map manage to send it back to the starting point of the story when it's already established he died near the exit by getting his arms torn off by cougars? Don't try and think that plotline too hard, lest you get eaten by a Voodoo Shark.
    • The cowboy was a robber, he and his posse built the door to seal themselves in the canyon after a huge heist, using the place as a kind of secluded fortified hideout which only they had the keys to. And I don't remember him having the map on him when he died, just his second journal (and if he did have it, I guess the bottle that it was in could have just been blown around or carried away by an animal, same with the first journal).

Fridge Horror

  • Sarah lives in a school bus, although no other girls her age or a driver are ever shown. Is it possible everyone aboard died in the crash but her and that bizarre constant upbeat happiness is concealing massive survivor guilt? She has implied several times she's very close to a psychotic break and confronting the awful truth could, well, send her straight over the edge.
  • You think by now somebody would have reported losing thousands of dollars worth of equipment, pharmaceuticals, and personnel on that highway and, if not discover the canyon, at least shut that stretch of road down. Though that might further hamper rescue efforts....