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YMMV: Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things
  • Nightmare Fuel : Tommy Rawhead & Bloody Bones wins hands down. Most of the Night Things are. Courtney actually sends Butterworm to scare the Alpha Bitch by night.
    • The very first chapter has Butterworm eating a rather dweeby boy who follows Courtney into the woods. A following scene, where Butterworm jokes about how the boy is "somewhere in [his] lower digestive system" is pretty creepy. The last issue of the recent series revealed the boy's parents had been looking for him the whole time, but finally give up when they find his jacket covered in dried blood.
  • What an Idiot: Blake turning Joey into a Night Thing without knowing the countercurse.
    • He doesn't learn his lesson even after that. Courtney takes him and the other kids to the land of the Night Things, after the others beg her to help Joey. She, as the only one who's been there before, tells them they should go around the most populated areas. Blake decides that it's best to barge right through the middle of town, deciding that it's like "Lord of the Rings meets Disneyland". The other kids hesitantly follow, leading to them all getting captured, and most of them being put in extreme danger.
  • The Woobie: Courtney, every time true love doesn't conquer all.
    • Skarrow, who left his home and adopted mother so he could be with Hermia. He ends up being blamed for cursing her and killed not several feet from his mother. Making things even worse, it's implied that Hermia could have found a loophole from the curse silencing her to name the person who bewitched her, but didn't bother because "[she] just wanted to be left alone".
    • Poor Joey, who is turned into a Night Thing by his Big Brother Bully.

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