Awesome / Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things

  • When Aloysius saves Courtney from Tommy Rawhead:
    (Aloysius and the other warlocks are standing outside his house.)
    ALOYSIUS: Courtney! (to TOMMY RAWHEAD) Back away. I'm the one you want, creature.
    (Tommy Rawhead turns to face them.)
    TOMMY RAWHEAD: Oh, I beg to differ. I want you all.
    (Aloysius raises a fist, crackling with magic.)
    ALOYSIUS: Then take me first, if you can.
    TOMMY RAWHEAD: I am fat on your kind, warlock, but one more won't hurt. Do your worst. I have been cursed a thousand times by such as you. I am a jumble of curses.
    (He begins to charge at him.)
    TOMMY RAWHEAD: One more will make no difference.
    (Without a word, Aloysius unsheathes his cane-sword and lops off Tommy Rawhead's, well, head.)
  • In Prince of Nowhere, during Aloysius' rooftop battle with the vampire Wolfgang.
    WOLFGANG: Can you fly, mortal?
    (Wolfgang drops Aloysius from the rooftop. A moment later, Aloysius comes zooming back up.)
    ALOYSIUS: Of course I can fly, you nincompoop. I'm a warlock.