YMMV / Cobra

  • Awesome Music: Robert Tepper's "Angel of the City" and Jean Beauvoir's "Feel The Heat" are pure '80s deliciousness.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Would you believe a movie like this would have a fashion montage, of all things, let alone one involving a robot which may or may not be alive?
  • Complete Monster: The Night Slasher is a psychotic Serial Killer responsible for terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles at night. He starts a nihilistic murder cult of psychopaths so he can indiscriminately kill dozens of victims of whatever background, including children. He prefers to carve up his victims and perform the kills himself to satiate his sadistic nature. He pursues a woman for witnessing one of his murders, and orders his army to lay siege to an upstate town for the sole purpose of killing her. He sees himself as killing off the weak and his movement as heralding the start of a new order where violent killers such as himself rule through terror.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Due process is for pussies!
  • Follow the Leader: Cobretti clearly went to Harry Callahan's Boy Scout Camp as a child, and apparently loved the mentor so much that, once he grew up, he took Callahan's partner Reni Santoni, and even once again named him Gonzalez. He took Dirty Harry's villain Andy Robinson as well, though the latter is now merely a well-meaning jerk and a compulsively By-the-Book Cop.
  • Idiot Ball: The store thug. Big time. When a cop has just proved he's incredibly quick and doesn't fuck around by chucking a knife into you whilst you are armed with guns, you drop the guns when he tells you to, you don't slowly raise the shotgun to his level with one arm whilst he has a pistol on you.
  • Narm Charm: Even 80s action movies didn't usually go as over-the-top as this one.
  • Squick: Just in case it wasn't clear enough that The Night Slasher was the bad guy, the movie has a reporter mention that one of his victms was a sexually assaulted child, just a few seconds after mentioning that he has claimed his sixteenth victim IN A MONTH.
  • Values Dissonance: The movie is very much a product of its time, having been made during the crime epidemic of the '80s, where there was much more tolerance for the idea of a cop who violated people's civil liberties. Thanks to all the high profile incidents of Police Brutality or cops killing unarmed suspects (especially minority suspects) in the decades since the movie was released, it'd be pretty hard for Cobra to be made nowadays.