YMMV / Cliff Richard

  • Acceptable Lifestyle Targets: Cliff Richard is regularly held up to satire or ridicule because of his sincere and deeply-held religious convictions. An example would be from The Burkiss Way, where, in a spoof of Dracula, religious icons are laid out in escalating order of holiness until the most effective vampire-repellent of all, the Defcon One of vampire-fighting, is hung over the bed - Cliff Richard.
  • OestrogenBrigade: his fanbase, largely female and of a certain age.
  • Once Acceptable Targets: Cliff was also the Butt Monkey for gags about his presumed homosexuality, as he was pretty much unique in being a big-name rock singer who didn't have a detectable sex life. His celibacy was directly equated to "not interested in girls, therefore a closet gay". This doesn't happen so much today. the man is in his seventies, so perhaps a new prejudice is supplanting the old one - Old people do Not Have Sex. Or else people are realising that poking fun at perceived gays is not nice or especially grown up. Or else people are more clued up on celibacy - choosing not to have sex means neither hetero nor homo. it's just the way some people are.