YMMV / Chuggington

  • Acceptable Targets: Old Puffer Pete, a vintage steam engine whose only outstanding qualities are his tendency to ramble about the past ad nauseum and forget other trains' names.
  • Critical Research Failure: Wilson has the sound of a turbocharged EMD 645 engine, but his basis, the EMD F-unit, used the earlier (and better-known) EMD 567.
  • Did Not Do the Bloody Research: An infinitely hilarious and ironic example, seeing as both the show and the offending term both come from the UK. In the show, the anthropomorphic trains are referred to as "chuggers". "chugger" also happens to be a real-life derogatory term used to refer to invasive and aggressive street fundraisers. Yikes.
  • Ear Worm: The bloody intro.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Like Thomas, it's very popular in Japan due to it having mostly revolved around trains and railways.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 4 was notably poor compared to other seasons. Due to Season 3 not being that well received (to the point where they stopped production at 14 episodes and had the budget lowered), alongside troubled toy sales, the whole show went through a revamp to try and get more appeal for the crowd again. While the updates to the animation, the cast and the trainees moving to advanced training were well received, the season was mostly Strictly Formula (trainee has difficulty learning something new, and another trainee has a usually useless subplot) and overly Merchandise-Driven, lacking the balance of toyetic elements and story the other seasons had.
    • The season (and its accompanying attempts at specials, which were really two episodes slotted with three minutes of new animation inbetween) ended up being both a marketing and financial failure; the season that followed only ran for ten episodes (six if you don't count the four episodes used for the seasons' specials), and was fully funded by TOMY (the show's initial toy master licensee and co-producer for the series). Ludorum, following the disastrous results of the two seasons, dropped TOMY's licence, brought aboard Jazwares (which produces Animal Jam and Peppa Pig toys) as their replacement, and (with a significant lack of budget and an aged-down target audience) chose to produce a 52-episode Abridged Series entitled "Little Trainees", as an attempt to ride off SVOD revenue and its new target demographic.