YMMV / Chimera Beast

  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Literal ones in "Reptiles". These come in huge numbers, fire volleys of Spread Shots, and have a very good amount of health. Worse still, they swing about, causing easy Collision Damage. And there's also a giant tortoise to annoy you when you face them.
    • The rockets in "Catastrophe" constitute an instance of Bullet Hell, considering your Eater's large hitbox. They come in large numbers and — once again — shoot an 8-way Spread Shot frequently. If you don't eat them and their shots, your Eater will get overwhelmed.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Using your "eat" move on the nuclear reactor boss gives you the "mutation" ability. What can radiation cause in organic creatures, again?
  • Good Bad Bugs: It's possible to repeatedly eat the two small, grounded humans without them dying, as long as you bite them at point-blank range. This allows you to get back a lot of health in a level where health food is scarce, as well as getting a good end-of-level bonus.
  • That One Attack: The lightning attack used by the final boss covers the whole screen, has narrow gaps to squeeze in-between and strikes twice. The good news is that it can be weakened by destroying his horns and disabled by destroying both, since they execute the attack.
  • That One Level: The final level, "Catastrophe" contains loads of laser bolts and spreadshot-shooting rockets that will make life hell for your Eater.
  • That One Boss: The Mini-Boss of the final level, "Catastrophe". You have to fight against a space shuttle, which isn't dangerous in itself- it's pretty large and vulnerable and doesn't even attack. However, it's accompanied by the above-mentioned laser bolt drones and spreadshot-spamming missiles.