YMMV / Brothers and Sisters

  • Drinking Game (here's a fun one: everytime the Walkers drink, you drink with them!)
  • Fridge Brilliance: For the greater part of the first two seasons we are lead to believe that Rebecca is the illegitimate daughter of William Walker and his mistress, Holly Harper. However Holly and William both have light blue eyes while Rebecca has brown eyes, making them being her biological parents near genetically impossible. This makes the reveal that Rebecca's father is another man (who has brown eyes) far more reasonable.
  • Narm: When Tommy and Julia find out that their son will die young, Julia crying is this.
  • The Scrappy: Ryan Lafferty. Introduced as a replacement illegitimate child of William when the producers decided that Justin and Rebecca had better chemistry as lovers than as siblings. By that far into the show's run however the continued need for an illegitimate child in the storyline was questionable and Ryan never really managed to become relevant as a character.