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YMMV: Bowling for Soup
  • Covered Up:
    • Raise your hand if you thought "1985" was originally by them.
    • "Stacy's Mom" managed to be a case of this before they covered it. (As in, everyone thought they did it when it was really Fountains Of Wayne.)
  • Periphery Demographic: Despite many of their songs covering very adult content, they have a lot of teenaged fans, due to them having done a song for Sky High, which many of those teenagers grew up with, and because they did the theme song for Phineas and Ferb, which has a Periphery Demographic of its own. Lampshaded in "Friends Chicks Guitars."
    We've been in this band
    longer than most of our fans have been...
  • Signature Song: "1985" or "High School Never Ends". "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" is also one of their more popular songs, being their first song to really hit big.
    • "Today is Gonna Be A Great Day" for their younger fans.
  • True Art Is Angsty: Half the point of "I'm Gay" is to argue against this. (The other half is, well, you know . . .)
    • By and large the band outright defies this as most of their songs are incredibly upbeat in nature, and even the angsty ones are noted to have a silver lining to them.
  • Wangst: Mocked quite spectacularly in "Self-Centered".
    I'm gonna feel sorry for myself/I want to blame it on everyone else/I want to be self-centered/and make everybody feel sorry for me

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