YMMV: Borgen

  • Anvilicious: Season 3 was criticised for being overtly preachy compared to the previous seasons, and for featuring several Strawmen, especially in the episode about prostitution.
  • Jerkass Woobie: By series 2, Troels.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Arguably being an averted Strawman Political, Svend Åge Saltum has quite a few of these opposite Birgitte, especially in the earlier series. Although he's obviously Birgitte's polar opposite in terms of policy, and the main characters usually treat him as a Card-Carrying Villain who must be opposed at all cost (usually for good reason), his tirades about the nature of politics (during the coalition negociations in the first episode, and again after his Wounded Gazelle Gambit) are remarkably insightful coming from a populist xenophobe, and in an odd way he almost doubles as a mentor-figure for Birgitte (the Red Oni to Bent Sejrö's Blue Oni). Compare with Laugesen, to a certain extent Pernille Madsen, and from series 2, Jakob Kruse, who may profess to hold similar political views to Birgitte, but are consistently hypocritical Jerkasses who do everything to trip her up, which makes Saltum's obnoxious "Little Miss PC" catchphrase seem almost affectionate.
  • Strawman News Media: In season 3, Alex Hjort, the Head of Programmes for TV 1. He persistently attempts to dumb-down the news coverage in relentless pursuit of ratings, which wouldn't be so bad except that he seems to believe that there's no conflict between this and the station's reputation for 'integrity', and he treats the people who work under him as morons. Witness his Catch Phrase: whenever people try to argue that he's wrecking the show and is acting like a Jerkass, he gets a call on his mobile, turns his back on his discontented employees, says to the person on the other end 'Oh, nothing, it's just a staff issue' and walks away. Eventually he goes too far, provokes a mutiny among the anchors, and gets fired.
  • Tear Jerker: Höx's reaction when Birgitte asks him to resign over the wire-tapping of the Solidarity Party's HQ, especially considering his family history and the way Laugesen stabbed him in the back during the coalition negotiations. Yes, he can be a sneak, but dear God, there were tears in his eyes!
    • Another scene in which Birgitte has to ask a cabinet member to resign: in contrast to the above, Bent's reaction is so affecting because he remains stoic and tries to put a gloss of cheer on what is not only the end of his political career but a stab in the back from someone to whom he has been a mentor and a friend.
    • From the Series 2 pilot, pretty much every scene involving bereaved father Jørgen Hedegård, whose son is killed in action in Afghanistan at the start of the episode.
    • Katrine and Kasper reuniting after he tells her the whole story in S02E06. Their tearful, silent expressions are heart-wrenching.