YMMV / Bonk

  • Breather Level: The first level of area four of Super Bonk is just Bonk drifting around in space looking for the Hatchet's base. The only thing that can hurt him is this level is the sun (which you would have to let Bonk drop to the bottom of the screen for it to hurt him), and there are a few health upgrades strewn about.
    • All of Super Bonk is easier compared to the previous games.
  • Contested Sequel: While fans differ on wether Bonk's Adventure or Bonk's Revenge is the best game in the series, most considered Bonk 3 the weakest entry in the TurboGrafx series.
    • Both Super Bonk games are also considered to be weaker in comparison to previous titles, with Super Bonk 2 getting it the most.
    • For the Zonk subseries, the sequel Super Air Zonk is generally considered inferior to the first Air Zonk, due to it's much slower pace and lack of features the first game had, despite the improvements in technology.
  • Fridge Logic: How did King Drool create a time machine considering the time period in which the series takes place?
  • Fridge Brilliance: In addition to sounding like PC-Engine, PC-Genjin translates into "PC Barbarian", fitting considering the title character.
  • Goddamned Bats: The piranhas will latch on to you and slowly drain your health until you shake them off. Also, any enemy that can swallow you whole, forcing you to play through a small level every time just to get out.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The teaser for Brink of Extinction showed Bonk trying to create fire, only for a meteor to obliterate Bonk (and the Earth as well). Now it seems to sum up what ultimately became of the game. See What Could Have Been on the Trivia page.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Just try to mention the name of this series without someone bringing up Team Fortress 2.
    • One of the Scout's trademark lines is "I'm gonna headbutt ya! I'm gonna headbutt ya!" Guess what Bonk's main form of attack is.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In the last level of Bonk's Revenge, there are dinosaur corpses hanging on hooks. If Bonk walks near them, they fall to the ground and their ghosts come out and attack Bonk.
    • King Drool's appearance in the first game qualifies as well, sue to being so massive in comparison to later installments.
  • That One Boss: That ballerina boss in area 3 of Bonk's Revenge. Thankfully you can skip it if you collect enough Smileys in Area 2, but you will eventually hav etc fight it during the Boss Rush.
  • That One Level: The Big Comet in Super Bonk has some of the most aggravating ice physics seen in a video game.