YMMV / Blow

  • The Woobie:
    • George Jung — Grew up in a dysfunctional household. Lost his First Love to cancer. Betrayed by those he considered friends. Lost the money he got from drug dealing. Eventually, his parents (mostly his mother), become too ashamed of him because of his drug dealing ways. His Second Love and wife turns out to be quite the selfish woman and rats him out to the police, sentencing him to jail for three years. Missed his daughter's life and when they start to bond again, he decides to do one more dug deal so he can provide for her... but his team betrays him to save themselves. He is sentenced to 60 years in prison. And the last scene shows him hallucinating over spending time with his grown up daughter. The credits even state that his daughter has yet to visit him in prison.
    • Fred Jung — Married to a selfish wife who constantly leaves him and his son for her own, again selfish, reasons. He then has to learn that his only child is a drug dealer.
    • Kristina Jung — Father is in jail. Lives with a selfish mother. And after spending time with her absent father, he makes a promise to take her to Florida. However, he is busted during a drug deal and thus can't keep his promise. The last scene of her is waiting outside her mother's house, luggage in hand, and wiping away tears at her father's absence.