YMMV / Blake Shelton

  • Covered Up:
    • "Ol' Red" had been previously recorded by both George Jones and Kenny Rogers.
    • "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" was originally recorded by Joe Nichols.
    • His version of "God Gave Me You" vs. the original by Dave Barnes.
  • Critical Dissonance: His first three albums had traditional-leaning country that won him critical acclaim but produced hit-and-miss results on the charts; Pure BS and Startin’ Fires were an awkwardly mediocre transitory period; and Hillbilly Bone onward has found him taking on a more ‘modern’ sound that has rendered him a golden boy on the airplay charts (including a white-hot streak of number-one hits), but at the cost of critical derision for his more generic style.
  • Seasonal Rot: Many fans feel that his quality took a nosedive from Hillbilly Bone onward, when Scott Hendricks took over as his producer. Main points of criticism include an over-reliance on the "country boy"-type songs that are already overdone in Nashville.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "The Baby". Narrator reminisces on his mother, who insists that he will always be her baby. He moves on in life, then gets word that his mother is dying. He doesn't make it in time.
    • "When Somebody Knows You That Well", with the male narrator realizing he can't hide emotions from anyone that he loves.