Trivia: Blake Shelton

  • Career Resurrection: "Hillbilly Bone" seems to be an example, as it launched an uninterrupted streak of #1 hits following a rather inconsistent track record.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: For some reason, "Sure Be Cool If You Did" has been erroneously credited as being co-written by Nicolle Galyon (a contestant on The Voice) instead of her husband, Rodney Clawson, who is a prominent Nashville songwriter.
  • Creator Couple: With Miranda Lambert.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Blake himself is an example as he pops up randomly in the Cady Groves video "This Little Girl" as a towtruck driver.
  • Label to the Rescue: Giant Records closed while "Austin" was climbing. Parent company Warner Bros. quickly stepped in to prop up the single and release the album.
  • What Could Have Been: His debut single could have been "I Wanna Talk About Me", later a big hit for Toby Keith, but the label thought the song was too risky for a newcomer.